This is a large mansion that was established in the year 1862 and this Bungalow reflects the amalgamation of the traditional Indian, Portuguese and the Dutch Style of architectures. The roof is made up of wood panels, which is above the ground floor and there is also the vaulted entrance, carved doors and expansive chambers.

The additional attraction of this building is the cascade balcony. Wood as we all know had a primary role in those days while buildings were constructed and it was used widely. Carved doors were the symbol of elegance and authority and so, numerous heritage buildings were endowed with carved doors that would enhance the inherent charm of the buildings.

You can thus enjoy the Pierce Leslie Bungalow which stands now as a grand epitome of cultural amalgamation. Kerala is a land of pristine backwater and verdant coconut plantations. Amidst the natural grandeur stands the unique building also known as the Pierce Leslie Bungalow. Come to Kerala to enjoy the charm of this structure. The unique Pierce Leslie Bungalow stands in Kerala to induce its charm and put a new feather to its colorful crown.