Priyadarshini Planetarium is one of the most sophisticated and versatile planetaria in India.

This fabulous planetarium complex has a centrally air conditioned Sky theatre of planetarium, Conference hall, Workshops, Sound - studio etc. with a seating capacity of 184, Priyadarsini Planetarium is rated as one of the best horizontal domed planetaria of global standards.

The planetarium has organised shows on:
" MAN AND THE UNIVERSE"- dealing with the origin and different stages of development of astronomy, the structure of different planets and the Origin of the Universe

"MYRIAD SUNS" dealing with the birth and death of stars, black holes, neutron stars, star clusters, galaxies, nebula, supernova. SignificanceOne Of The Most Sophisticated, Horizontal Planetaria In India

General Information

Timings 10:30am, 12:00pm, 15:00pm, 17:00pm

Location Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

Admission Fees Adults: Rs 10. Children (3-10 years): Rs 5.

Main Attraction Centrally Air Conditioned Sky Theatre