Kasargod Backwaters

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Kasargod backwaters make for delightful experience for tourists thronging Kerala. Kasargod in North Kerala offers immense opportunities for backwater trips. The Kasargod Backwater s offer two most thrilling backwater cruises, along Chandragiri and Valiyaparamba. Houseboat cruises are offered at the Kasargod backwaters . Kasargod backwaters embrace four ravishing rivers. Kasargod Backwaters is home to exotic birds and renowned for its scenic surroundings, paddy fields and coir processing.

Major Attractions of Kasargod Backwaters:

You can also experience the scintillating rice barge cruises at Chandragiri and Valiyaparamba.


It is located 4 kilometers of the southeast of Kasargod town. Kasargod Backwaters offer zealous houseboat cruises in and around the green coastal stretches of the beautiful town of Chandragiri. You can enjoy the sight of palm groves while on a boat ride. You can catch a glimpse of the amazing fort at Chandragiri, built in the 17th century. The fort offers spectacular sunset views over the sea near Kasargod, Kerala, India. The backwater cruises start from the Chandragiri Bridge.

Valiyaparamba: It is an extension of backwaters near Kasargod. The island of Valiyaparamba is a tranquil island washed by four rivers. The place is an ecological treasure trove. Capture scenes of the exotic water birds singing raucous notes along the backwaters and the dense vegetation as you cruise along on your houseboat. It is fast turning into a preferred backwater resort among tourists.

Also near Kasargod are the scenic Bekal Beach and the historic Bekal Fort. You can enjoy a holiday on the backwaters and beaches around Kasargod in north Kerala, on Kerala Backwater tours of Kasargod, Kerala.

Bekal Beach:

Bekal beach, near the Kasargod backwaters is one of the fascinating sites on a backwater sojourn. The tranquil atmosphere and vast expanses of sun kissed beaches make for an unspoilt beach experience at the Bekal Beach. The Bekal beach is fringed by swaying palms. The Bekal Beach is located near Bekal Fort . This fort takes unfolds historic moments from the past. This mammoth structure encompasses 35 acres of land and occupies a prime position in the history of Kerala. The Bekal Fort offers spectacular views of the green palms, the white sand, the azure waters and the swirling waves.

You can also unwind at the Pallikere and the Kappil beach at Kasargod while on Kasargod Backwater tours.