Your holiday in the kaleidoscopic Kerala will be bewitching with the balmy beaches and the breathtakingly beautiful backwaters. Though it will be the private boat trip along the backwaters that will make the tour complete. The ‘kettuvallams’ or the traditional houseboats offer the best possible accommodation. The slow yet steady sail along shallow, palm-fringed lakes and narrow canals is mesmerizing. As it is the strong yet smooth sailing houseboats form one of the most abiding images of Kerala.

The stitched boats of Kerala are the moving masterpieces of the majestic country crafts that may measure up to 80 feet in length. Usually the traditional houseboats are 60 to 70 feet high and 13 feet wide in the middle. These ‘kettuvallams’ are made up of eco-friendly materials like the bamboo poles, coconut fiber, ropes, bamboo mats, carpets etc. The entire structure is strong enough to carry a truckload of material and withstand the enormous waves in the sea. In case the houseboats are maintained well, they last for generations.

Earlier these houseboats were used as the means of transport through the backwaters for men and material today they have become major tourist attractions. After your tour to God’s Own Country even you will find the houseboats the true luxury on water. The simple looking houseboats are no less than the star categorized hotels. There are fleets of houseboats that offer most of the modern comforts and conveniences.

These houseboats are fully furnished and well appointed with the option of single, double or triple bedrooms. Usually the structure also has ample space for toilets, kitchen, private balcony and the sun decks. For the budget tours the houseboats offer dormitories. The experience of the backwaters is heightened with the use of the traditional lanterns for lightening. The houseboat usually offers a small or two sitting rooms comfort for two members of the crew and the chef.

The members of the crew comprise of the oarsmen and/or the guide. Many-a-times the houseboats are powered by a small engine. When onboard you may savor the traditional delicacies of Kerala. The cuisine is captivating owing to the local specialties in the menu. The food is generally fresh as the material is purchased on the way. The sights, sounds and smells add to make the backwater trip unforgettable. The colorful culture and customs, canopies of coconuts will always catch your eye.

When these dazzling and delightful dwellings are afloat a whole rainbow of lives and styles seem to pass by. At spots shoals of ducks seem to greet you. the magic of the moonlight, The magic of the mystical backwaters will sweep you off your feet and the joy ride on the houseboat will add to the enchanting experience.

The traditional houseboats attract travelers equally from India and abroad. There are several price options for you to take your pick from. There are over 250 houseboats that ply in the backwaters. For tourists the charges may be settled for anything between 500 and 6000 Indian rupees for a day. The entire experience on the backwaters is enchanting. You must opt for the fabulous ride on the houseboat and explore the fascinating beauty of the backwaters of Kerala.