Kollam Backwaters

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Kollam is located at a distance of 71 kilometers from Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala.

Kollam was an erstwhile centre of trade on the Malabar Coast in ancient times. Kollam Backwaters tours echo the true spirit of Kerala in recent times. Kollam backwaters are renowned for verdant fishes, coconuts and cashew nuts. Kollam is located on the banks of the Ashtamudi Lake that is the gateway to the glistening Kerala backwaters. The Lake embracing eight streams covers a major portion of Kollam. Kollam Backwaters cruises make for a delightful experience. You can capture amazing sights of canals, blooming water lilies, the raucous songs of birds from the banks and the unpretentious village life, while you take the longest backwater tour in Kerala from Kollam to Alappuzha backwaters.

The temples and buildings of Kollam are embellished with a traditional charm and elegance. Tourists can marvel at the remnants of traditional architecture with decorative detail.

The famous "Cheenavala" or Chinese fishing nets can also be seen along the backwaters.

Major Attractions of Kollam Backwaters:

The major tourist attractions of Kollam Backwaters are Sasthamkotta fresh water lake, Thirumullavaram beach, Subramanya temple, Rameshwara temple and other historic sites.

Sasthamkotta fresh water lake:

Sasthamkotta is situated on the banks of Kallada River, 26 kilometers from the Kollam city. The holy temple with Lord Shasta's deity is located here. The destination is renowned for the picturesque Sasthamkotta fresh water lake. The exotic lake is wrapped in scenic beauty with hills on three sides. The holy temple of Dharmasastha dedicated to Lord Ayappa is located here . This fresh water lake supplies drinking water to the entire district.

Thirumullavaram beach:

Thirumullavaram beach is located in the heart of the city and makes a major tourist spot on a tour to the Kollam backwaters. You can take a dip into the azure waters or bask in the sun kissed beaches. You can languorously sip coconut water and revive your spirits. You can see the Nyarazhacha Paara (Sunday Rock), on a low tide. You can visit the Mahavishnu Temple, believed to have been blessed by Parasurama, the legendary creator of Kerala.

Subramanya temple:

The Subramanya temple is located at Mayanad, 10 kilometers south of the Kollam town. Mayanad is renowned for temples and shrines. Subramanya temple is most important of the nine temples located here. Thangasseri is a seaside village located five kms away from the town has retained the traits of Portuguese forts and churches.

Rameshwara temple:

The temple echoes a Pandyan influence and is decorated with Tamil inscriptions between the 12th and 16th centuries. The Vyala monster sculptures make you feel that the creatures in the temple are living beings.

Ashtamudi Lake

Kollam is located on the banks of the Ashtamudi Lake which has eight streams opening into the Kerala backwaters. It is a major attraction for tourists on a tour to Kollam backwaters .

Thangassery Light house

It is a towering144 ft. Light house, built in 1902. You can see this on a tour to the Kollam backwaters .

Ananda Valleeswaram Temple

This holy temple is a major attraction among tourists on a holiday on the Kollam backwaters.

Other Tourist Attractions:

  • Houseboat cruises on the backwaters
  • The longest backwater cruise from Kollam to Alappuzha backwaters is a journey worth embarking upon.
  • You can visit the Munroe island formed by the backwaters of Ashtamudi and Kallada River
  • Capture the scenes of simple village life on a backwater tour
  • You can catch a glimpse of the daily chores of the village folk- young children splashing in the water, women washing clothes and fishermen wrapping up their fishing nets on the wooden boats