"Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm"

While you see the exquisite Mattanchery Palace you would feel that the greatness of the palace lies in the enthusiastic zeal of the beholder who conceived it. Constructed by the Portuguese in the middle of the 16th century, the splendid Mattanchery Palace was ultimately taken over by the Dutch in the year 1663, and then the Palace ultimately went into the hands of the Rajahs of Cochin. They renovated the Palace to a large extent. It is however worthwhile to mention over here that the palace was primarily reconstructed and improvements made by the earlier residents of the Palace, namely the Dutch.

There is an acute touch of pulsating splendor in the making of the Mattanchery Palace; the bed chamber of this Palace consists of the entire story of the Ramayana painted on the wall as fresco. Outside the bed chamber there is the traditional Keralean style of floor construction which consists of polished black Marble. It is in fact a mixture of smoldered coconut shells, charcoal, lime, plant juices, and egg whites. While it is closed on the national holidays and Fridays, you can visit here on any other day.