Vasco House

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Vasco House is the main tourist attraction in Kerala and is supposed to have been the erstwhile residence of Vasco Da Gama and his companions. Vasco da Gama came to India as a navigator. He suddenly landed at Kochi in the year 1498 and took it to be Indies Isle and from there the name India has been derived. He had been a Portuguese and a very merciless person as regards to the disciplines is concerned.

But god saturated this man with substantial talent and merit, so that he went back with sufficient information about the Indians. In India he set up a land for his people and this is the famous Vasco House in the port of Kochi. In Kochi he constructed the reputed Vasco House that still stands to the amazement of the millions of people who wander at the splendor of the building. It has glass paned windows that remind us of the European lifestyles, and the balconies indicate the unique blend of Ethnicity and European ness. The Vasco House overlooks the Parade Ground, and it is one of the oldest Houses in Fort Kochi.