Honeymoon Backwater

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Begin your life together with an unforgettable journey to a green paradise, when you enjoy a honeymoon in Kerala Backwaters. Imagine you and your loved one relaxing on a houseboat and floating along a tranquil Kerala Backwater. Feel as if you're the only people in the world as you travel through the placid waterways. Hear no voices other than the murmur of rippling water, the whisper of the wind rustling among the palm fronds and the sound of birds calling as they fly across an azure sky. Lie back and count the stars in the velvet sky of the tropical night, as you anchor on the banks of a Kerala backwater.

Wake up and see breath-takingly beautiful countryside on your honeymoon in Kerala Backwaters. The fertile green land, abundant sparkling water and clear blue sky come together in harmony, in the mesmerizing scenery of Kerala Backwaters. Visit the beautiful destinations of Kumarakom, Vembanad, Kuttanad and Cochin, when you travel with Kerala Backwater. Lie back on your houseboat and trail your fingers through the warm ripples of the backwaters, where the river and the sea combine. Take a boat cruise in Cochin harbor and see the sun sink below the horizon, as the Chinese fishing nets form delicately beautiful silhouettes on the backdrop of the vermilion sky, on your honeymoon in Kerala Backwaters.

Be amazed by the natural beauty of the landscape around you in Kerala backwaters. Verdant paddy fields shine with an emerald glow in the early morning sunshine. Bright new banana leaves and palm fronds sway in the breeze, children laugh and wave as you pass by on your houseboat, and the lives of the local people, in the villages along the Kerala backwaters, continue in a timeless flow of the river of life.

Flow along with the backwaters of Kerala and experience a journey like no other, when you enjoy a honeymoon in Kerala Backwaters. Build a lifetime of memories of your journey together, through a Garden of Eden in God's Own Country. Let Kerala Backwater take you on Kerala tours and offer you an unforgettable honeymoon in Kerala backwaters.