Koyikkal Palace

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Koyikkal Palace has been erected for Umayamma Rani. She belonged to the Venad Royal Family and who reigned from 1677-1684. The double storied palace has been erected in an ethnic style and today it is the most exquisite Museums that houses folklore materials after being confiscated by the Department of Archeology in India.

The Koyikkal Palace is located few kilometers from the Ponmudi Hill Station, and Courtalam Waterfalls. The Numismatics Museum is the most elegant fraction that can be enjoyed by the tourists and it is one of the most exclusive Museums in the country. In the Folklore Museum you shall find some of the marvelous collection of musical instruments like Chandravalayam which is not found else where in the country, and Nanthuni.

The former is said to be the musical accompaniment of Sri Ram who wandered in the jungles according to the wishes of his father. The later is an instrument which is played after a good harvest and enjoyed with dance and drinks. Wide ranges of kitchen equipments like the brassware, earthenware and also other kitchen wares are found in the Numismatic Museum.

Old manuscripts, Thaliyola, and anklets, Chilambu, are also exhibited in the Museum. The Kettuvillaku is an auspicious lamp that is usually lit during the festivals in the Bhagwathi Temple. Different kinds of gold coins are on display at the Numismatics Museum. They are rare and unique of their kinds.

A Venetian coin named Amaida believed to have been presented to Jesus Christ is present for display at the Museum. Moreover, Rasi, the world's smallest coin is on display at the Museum, and we can also see the Laxmi Narayana silver coins at the Numismatics Museum. The 374 varieties of Gold coins at the Museum is a really interesting event.