"Human potential, though not always apparent, is there waiting to be discovered and invited forth."

This human potential lies in a dormant state inside the soul of man and only when it is provoked with a shock, then it comes out like a blazing knife-edge. The potential of Human kind is best exhibited in the construction of the Krishnapuram Palace that consists of large number of frescoes, Antique Bronze construction and Paintings.

The theme of the frescoes is an elephant saluting the Lord Vishnu. The other gods and goddesses pay homage to the duo and also bless the king Gajendra for his devotion to the benevolent Lord Vishnu. This elephant is supposed to be the elephant king, named Gajendra.

As Lord Vishnu is the assumed God of the Kayamkulam Dynasty, king Gajendra is supposed to belong to this dynasty. At present the additional Buddha Mandapam has been added to the Krishnapura, Palace and so, the entire structure looks all the more charismatic and graceful. This is a museum that holds exclusive items made of gold, bronze and copper.