Bekal Fort

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"Look at everything as though you were seeing it for the first time or the last time. Then your time on earth will be filled with glory."

If you want to retain some of the glorious instants of your life then you must visit Bekal Palace. Bekal would be the superb memory for you, and you would like to cherish that all along your life. Bekal Fort is a spectacular beach destination in India.

The Bekal Fort is a 300 years old fabulous Monument in Kerala, with its vibrant charm and the pristine aquamarine expanse of the Backwater reflects the heritage of Kerala. The strong tradition comes alive with the immaculate Bekal Seashore, breathing the ancient breath, still staying with its children to say a few words about the past that it experienced. Bekal Fort is the colossal and the most fresh-looking forts in India.

It has been constructed by the Ikkeri dynasty. Later it was occupied by Hyder Ali of Mysore, and then by Tipu Sultan. Just at the foyer of the Fort there is the Anjanaya Temple. It is dedicated to the Lord of the Winds also known as Sri Hanuman.

There is a seaside pathway along the Fort and one can have a splendid view of the sea once he peers down from the terraces of the Fort. Due to the historical significance this place has been confiscated by the Archeological Survey Department of India.

So, Bekal is now a special Tourism area. Bekal Fort is especially attractive for the Sea Citadel, Dissident Subway and the Observation Tower. The walls of the fort had been advantageously designed for defense purposes.