The Arakkal Palace is the sole Royal household of Muslims in Kerala.It is located at Kannur. The Arakkal Family was known as Arakkal Beevi,who could also be invested with sovereignity if she happened to be older than the senior male member of the family. The fort built by the Portugese stands nearby.

Arakkal Palace is just 3 kilometers from the town of Kannur. It is a famous Fort owned by the Arakkal Family that had been the only Muslim Royal Family in Kerala, and they were the rulers of the coastal Kerala as well as parts of the Lakswadeep Island.

The Arakkal family followed the Matrimonial descent; by this method the members of the family were given in marriage to the other members so that the family property is not flown out and in order to retain the ancestral property of the family.

They followed the patriarchal system and the male members of the family were the supreme head and the females had to take their permission before they did any task. This was the rule and everyone followed it. The male rulers were usually called the Ali Rajahs and the female queens were known as the Arakkal Beevis.

The Kannur Fort was constructed in the year 1505 AD and after that it was confiscated by the Dutch from the ownership of the Portuguese. In the year 1790 the British took the fort from the Dutch and a tunnel was constructed underneath the fort that would communicate with the Thalassery Fort. This sea route used to provide protection to the soldiers when they were attacked by enemies. This sea route is unique and well conceives and is the main source of inspiration for the Bollywood Hindi Film Quayamat where the hero directs the police forces to a subway from where they could rescue a lot of hijacked people.