Kerala Travel Tips

Posted by Admin | 11:55 PM

The variety of tourist sites in Kerala has made Tourism in Kerala an in-thing. However, whether you are on a leisure or adventurous mood, your travel should be safe and secure and without any last-moment hurry and scurry leading to untoward consequences. So we bring you a number of trips for traveling to Kerala. Kerala Travel Tips ensure for you a safe and satiating tour
• Since you are a foreigner, who is unacquainted with the local language, you should ensure that while talking to a local, that he understands what you say either by signs or by words.
• Avoid trouble by asking for permission from the authority concerned, before taking a snap of a place or building
• Some states in India allow flexible use of loudspeakers. So don't react promptly to a loud screeching noise, it may just be a normal devotional song
• Don't throw away bills, tickets and receipts during the tour. You might need them at the last day of the tour. So just keep them for record and transparency.
• Don't forget to carry your Visas and other documents at a convenient but safe bag so that you may find them whenever required .
• You should always carry sufficient amount of money. If required you can also transact from the banks in Kerala, which operate on all days except on Sunday.
• Always carry cotton outfits, hats, sun glasses and sunscreen lotion for touring in the tropical climate of Kerala.

• Remember the local emergency numbers of police control room, Fire station and ambulance

• Don't drink from slow moving streams, lakes or dams.